Tuesday, February 4, 2014

my ATT guy

As if to say "it ain't over yet" Murphy hit me this morning with a non-charging phone which means I'm about down to one final text to the world. I got off a little early so I stopped by the phone store because I read that they were getting rid of contracts and doing the GoPhone thing as a "reward" to their loyal customers for hanging with them through those ugly years of 2 yr contracts and online only deals. The sales rep mentioned that and explained how the whole thing works giving me a quote that comes to about 35 bucks a month less than what I'm paying now plus no contract. If you want to change providers you just pay off the phone which is eligible for upgrade every 12 months vs 18. With a huge data package that can be shared between lines and devices, it's a no brainer. UPS should deliver tomorrow unless the ice gets thick again and everybody gets stranded on the interstate overnight. Josh is a very efficient salesman and cute as a bug, the kind us granny types just want to pinch their cheeks. The other guy had serious hair and a serious attitude and I could see why they were paired up and why he chose me as a customer when serious guy could have cared less. He got the guy who wandered in with contract questions. This is what I expect from a company that has been my provider for years and years even before Verizon was born. If they would hook me up with u-verse that would rock as well but you know how it is when you're the only house in the hood with service. Um, yeah.

When we first moved here there was no satellite or cable and one year we got sat service as a Christmas gift from my parents. BG was a pre-teen and I remember she and her friend marveling at all the movies in Spanish. The first dish was huge and heavy and got trashed many years ago being placed with a smaller one mounted on the house. When I couldn't afford that 80 bucks a month I just cancelled and left it up there. They're still trying to get a couple of hundred out of me and I say to you "come and get it outta' this". It's really creepy looking around here with an inch of ice dripping off of every available surface. Several limbs are down, and I'm sure there will be more. Today's event was more rain than ice but you know how that goes. The bottom of the lane floods when it rains hard and there's already a puddle forming. The old Camry went about 40 mph around the by-pass toward home chugging along with one hubcap, three door handles and a lot of noise. All dogs were ecstatic to see me but they've settled into their after mommy comes home nap. I wonder what they do when there's nobody here?

Happy trails ya'll. Keep the faith ^j^

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