Wednesday, February 26, 2014

to whom much is given

I've gotta tell ya'll just how freakin' cold it is on this hill with the north winds blowing.I burned off a lot of the buttercups *oopsie* and the asparagus may be parched. Probably not though because it's deep in the ground. Not even a crocus to be found which is highly unusual coming into March. With my luck by May it'll be 100 in the shade with a tropical mass of humid sweaty moisture on my old ass for six months. That's what hell will be like, ya know? Ain't no backing away from that fire! It is almost Jordan's 1st birthday and there is a lot of cake and friends planned for his celebration. I've been thinking about my buddy Mahala and how hard times are for her in the holler and just wish that she had a blog fairy too. I've never known that special feeling of being truly understood by someone because of the personal nature of every single gift. And you know what? I feel sure I'll meet BF in heaven but it will be all cool and not scary....floaty!

The total lack of compassion by the majority, regardless of political affiliation, has turned us into warring tribes with the almighty dollar laid square on the table at the Temple which pissed you-know-who off enough to turn them over in a fit of Jesus rage at the injustice. That's the only time I ever remember him being really mad. The rest of the time he just kept getting disappointed and abandoned by others even though he was the worker of miracles. Basic human needs include clean water, healthy food and non-toxic farming practice to produce edibles. That way they're chemical free. He made extra wine appear at the wedding feast which I think totally rocks even though I'm a beer drinker. There are those who put Jesus on a pedestal not to be worshiped but to further their personal political agendas and that will be the death of this country.

My brother made the mistake of buying a nightclub right around the time of the housing crisis and he spent the next few years taking care of the club and working full time. I cleaned the kitchen which was the nastiest ass pile of grease you ever saw and we even managed to serve up some bologna sandwiches and fried shit from Sysco until I got tired of the party life. He followed a few years later with a large debt on his back which he handled quite honorably considering how he got screwed by the controlling partner. Said brother is headed to the Bahamas this weekend and I can't think of anybody who deserves it more. Except maybe me!


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