Wednesday, February 12, 2014

i believe i can fly

Even though I was a grownup when R Kelly did that song, I have kept it close to my heart ever since. Raised on the music of the sixties and seventies I found myself exploring different types of artists that were featured on the radio or that my daughter liked. I never did get the P Diddy and what's'his'name version of enticing an entire generation of black youth to be gangsta. When I did aerobics it was always to music and the time was well spent because I'd be all stove up by now had I not exercised early in life. I never saw the joy of running so I chose instead to walk, at one time 2.5 miles up to the top of golf course hill and back home. From my house to Samaria Bend is about 1/2 and the hill is a total bitch coming back up. Talk about your cardio! The house at the dead end has always been a sort of hit and miss kind of deal with two of the prior renters being totally opposite business partners who were a large portion of my daily life 24/7. They took turns with the hours and their kids came to visit. Josh was cute as a bug and the same age as BG and they proceeded to graffiti the basement on one particular excursion. Kinda' like what's in my own. long as I have a spot to call my own and the noise is at a low level, it's good with mama.

So I know ya'll are wondering what made my experience with the stomach bug different than everybody else's and I can't put a finger on that. The really awful part lasted about six or eight hours and I slept after that. Sammy D was trying to keep me company in the sick bed and scratched my face with his paw so now I look like an abused dog owner. JH was raised in Mississippi and his partner Russ was from east TN. Bo was a nature boy and all Rusty wanted to do was raise hell on his bike with his boys. He actually brought gloves to the hospital one Christmas for everybody who worked. You don't see that anymore in healthcare, or anywhere for that matter. Everybody's all spoiled to what they want instead of what's really important.

My aunt is hospitalized and coming back around so we're all tickled about that. There have been so many deaths and tragedies lately on top of all this inclement weather which is proof POSITIVE that global warming ain't real. With me and the conservatives, this is what's up. Shut the eff up and do your part. Anybody can be a hero right now!

Off tomorrow. Keeping the faith ^j^

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