Monday, February 17, 2014

islands in the stream

I had every intention of making a trip south this afternoon for a funeral, but as soon as I woke up from the 12 hour nap I could tell it wasn't gonna' happen. I'm glad I got to pay my respects yesterday so that today can be for me to rest. The roomies are headed out for Austin's birthday dinner and the laundry is up to the ceiling so umm. One thing at a time honey. Daddy gets a weekly allergy shot from me and I missed yesterday so this morning he rolled up his sleeve and they gave me leftover anniversary cake that is TO DIE for. I'm talking homemade chocolate cake and cream cheese icing. Ms. Faye is an angel, no doubt. Sometimes she'll look at me and say "what are they thinking??" All I can do is shake my head and smile.

Our mayor Mozella got some cake too with instructions from my mama to share with Aunt Molly only she's back in Florida tying up loose ends for the move. Her trailer sits right where Son and Lockie's house was in front of the chicken houses and hog pens out back. My favorite thing as a kid was to gather eggs from the hen house. They also taught me about killing chickens and how they keep running with no head!! You can't buy that kind of experience, ya'll. When the backwater came up close behind the hog pens we would wade into it and catch tadpoles. Back then I wasn't afraid of Mr. Snake.

I remember the days when driving to Memphis for dinner was no big deal as long as we got back by midnight. Of course that was when I was in my twenties. As of tomorrow evening I will be back there for a visit with BG. Her dad is going too so he said he'd let me ride since the Camry is pitiful and we don't know what's up with the Cadi. It got her there but...........Yesterday I visited my auntie in the nursing home and she still didn't recognize me but really she wasn't much awake. Her course has been almost identical to my mother's earlier this year with dehydration. Sistercousin Mo is exhausted and I know the feeling. I have always worked with Alzheimer patients but it's different when it's your own family.

Booger woke up last night screaming like a banshee because he was in his own bed and didn't have a bah. I've learned to just wait 'til it's over and drift back off. The joy that he puts out most of the time is worth every minute of sleep lost. The new cast is awesome and we've all signed it with a sharpie. Thanks Dr. Olsen and staff!

Still cold and mighty grey but as my daddy said today "It's about to be spring." Yessir, Uncle Billy. It sure is. In that? I have total faith.

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  1. I remember well those times when my Mama would catch a chicken....wring its head a little....throw it up on the tree stump....and whack its head off with an ax. Then she would throw it up against the back fence.....and that was a site to behold! three or four headless chickens flipping and flopping around till they finally Then to the hot water they would go to be plucked and dressed. When they were finally put on the table....we couldn't hardly eat know they were once the little "colored" chickens we had all received at Easter. LOL Hard to eat a chicken you had named.