Friday, February 14, 2014


To be perfectly honest the walls are beginning to close in around me which is kind of rare because I'm such a homebody. If I can get outside and not freeze or sweat to death, it's a lot less depressing than sitting at a keyboard beneath gray clouds and naked pecan trees. Stark, I believe is the word, as in "like the grapes of wrath", as my friend the little general says. We first met when she and her hubs moved from Illinois to raise their family here and he became a big time coach and English teacher. Big John and Little Sharry we called them. He was a massive man with a twinkle in his eye that said nothing but mischief. When I was eating ramen noodles during the summer he bought some baseball cards from me that will now go to his grandson. Sharry and I worked together for a lot of years so this is very much a work family event that will test the amount of love and devotion that we have for each other simply as children of Big Ernie. She took early retirement from the sawmill to help with his care and of their two grandchildren. The women in that family are tough and true and always stick together when it comes to the fam.

I went to see my auntie this morning but she was passed smooth out and snoring so I took a rain check. Plans were put in place and as their friend remarked "Look at it like it's a business decision and do the ethical thing." That about covers it don't you think? Healthcare for elders continues to be a pawn in the Washington smackdown on fair and balanced. Demolibtardess notwithstanding, I'm tired of all the bullshit. A whole bunch of rich and famous people have multi-million dollar contracts and we lower middle class folks just eat it up by buying their stuff and supporting their "brand". F**k that. The wealthy people that I admire are the ones who do things with their fortunes that give back and don't have a damn reality show centered on them because they did it (youknowwhoyouare).Donations are transparent and have nothing to do with religion or ethnic differences. The biggest reason I got stuck on HuffPost besides we're partners in enjoying the GOP squirm, is because of John Cusack and his series of interviews with the Wiki Leakers. He is on the board of a company that supports freedom of the press and speech in such a way that it doesn't seem all touchy feely or, well, libtard like. Love ya JC...mean it.

Financially responsible healthcare centers on prevention for some of the common killers along with a whole lot of opportunities to make money off your insurance company. They are required by the local market price to hire competent professionals to keep the boat floatin' otherwise the doors would close. I feel like there will be at least one more transfer of ownership while I'm there because D'burg is a pretty big market for emergency care and short stays. I've been privileged to have my respect for other professionals returned as they have cared for my family and me during very scary times. My ex had a heart attack at 39 and was throwing tombstones on his EKG prior to the clotbuster du jour and it was normal by the time he boarded the helicopter for Memphis and a stent.

I am qualified to speak as one who had a very good bit of practical knowledge of the ways that healthcare can be handled successfully which would consist of a lot more palliative/preventive and fewer diagnostics (for fear of the dreaded medical litigation lawyers..(.think JUST CALL SAUL!) I believe that every human has a right to be treated gently when they are sick and even more so if they are just born or dying. I believe that being raised in an environment with a loving god figure has a lot to do with why I am where I am rather than teaching school or being a librarian or something. Angel dust, so to speak. The fact that corporate executives with both big pharm and big insurance are bringing down huge bonuses really pisses me off. Same for the medical device industry and utility companies, etc.

I am holding my dear cousin/sister close today as we prepare to see out the next chapter in the history of our mamas, the Reaves girls. My favorite picture of all is one of them as children in cute hairbows and dresses and all of maybe 6 and 4. It still sort of scares me that as the elder I've outlived a couple of younger and several older cousins in spite of the fact that I'm not always living a healthy lifestyle. That scares me sometimes because I wonder how long it will take people to forget or miss me. In my heart, I know that I've done a good job and fought the good fight when necessary but mostly I'm just a live and let live kind of gal. Drama wears my old ass out.

Booger's new cast is much more user friendly and he's settling down on the crankiness at night so I'm ecstatic over that whole deal. The thing that I missed the most today on Valentine's is my mother's signature butter cookies in the shape of a heart covered in frosting. I got 'em every year without fail on their anniversary, usually on a heart paper plate. I suppose that if anybody ever loved anybody enough to forgive and forget, it's those two. Even though they now cuss each other on a regular basis at least they've learned to communicate.

Keep the faith ~

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  1. "The fact that corporate executives with both big pharm and big insurance are bringing down huge bonuses really pisses me off. Same for the medical device industry and utility companies, etc. " You and me both. They do it because they can and it is unconscionable of them. And the beat goes on.