Saturday, February 22, 2014


From time to time I have found myself whining like a little girl about how hard life is for me and my particular set of circumstances. Though I have a good job, live on a beautiful farm and still enjoy the company of my quite elderly parents, sometimes it just gets to be too much to handle and I resort to victim tactics aka the martyr syndrome. People who have this exhibit a high degree of irritability toward anyone who isn't singing their praises for being "more than enough" and a willing participant in sabotage of the whole team. If you've ever been in close contact with one (or more) of these personalities it can be downright exhausting to even pretend to care about their pain du jour. That's when it becomes necessary to let it roll off and not give that person the reaction that they crave. It's elementary psych 101. Good thing I took that in college~

I will never forget showing up at the campus of the University of Memphis as a junior pre-med tech student taking a shitload of chemistry and biology courses along with German, of all things. I passed with a D and was thankful for that. The biggest challenge was a combination of organic chemistry and quantitative analysis plus too many nights worrying about what the boyfriend was up to out there in Germantown. My mama always gave him props for sticking with me until I graduated.

Fast forward to now and you've got one pretty tired middle aged woman who is blessed beyond belief in so many ways. As a fan of Melody Beattie and Hazelden I can pretty much fake it 'til I make it now because I've seen the dark side and I prefer not to dwell on it. I'm more of a rainbow and unicorns kind of girl. The weather is outstanding so I'm off the keyboard and out into the sunshine.


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