Wednesday, February 5, 2014

extreme hibernation

Day two of being phoneless has been not so bad since I was out and about and had a landline to fall back on. The trees and bushes are still dripping with ice and it plays like a bad movie with a perpetually grey background. Now if I was stocked up with essentials and didn't have to go anywhere for a week, that would be different but Noooooooooooo...there's work and whatnot. And to add insult to injury, there's no snow to make it pretty. Blair Witch scared the shit out of me simply because it was the same scene running over and an early Hunger Games mixed with Bride of Chucky. I was out here alone one night watching it and I swear I didn't sleep that night. Yeah, I know I'm a woos.

Booger's tribe is busy in the dining room their crib working on Plan F or whatever. It's been two weeks since I've seen BG and have talked to her once but recovery is serious business with no time for home sickness. Money Mike told me this afternoon that I should choose a good man for her because that's all she needs to believe again. He's Hindu, by the way so arranged marriages are all that! He never fails to treat me like a lady and friend though, which is something that not a lot of men from that country can say. It's called honor and trust. We chatted about the pains of the past and how you can't blame your choices on what happened to you because that's just one big pity party. But here's the thing...until the pain is felt and you come out on the other side safe and sound? It's just like living it all over again every day. I understand that because it took me a long time to get there the first time. It's called the first step. One of twelve.

So the cops have arrested some suspected heroin dealers in a high profile death and I have to wonder how many people could eat on what he spent for smack in a single night. I'm reality oriented like that, ya know? We have created a society where branding of talent has become means to an end as we perpetually pay our hard earned money to wear this or that because it's our team colors/logo/icon. IPhones are 99cents and Obamaphones are free. Actors get paid millions to star in roles that nobody will remember a hundred years from now. I've spent my entire life in the healthcare industry and will testify that most of the time, too much is enough. Diagnostics are a big money maker but in the end everybody dies and each individual can choose the way they go. It's what they called palliative care back in the day.


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