Thursday, February 13, 2014

dodging the bullet

As I wander around the interwebs and see all the lovely snow pics I am jealous tickled to be sitting here without a coat for the first day in a long long time. We're talking 50s and 60s coming up folks. Do I hear a woohoo?? After paying off propane guy with a personal loan, I have now run the bill back up to where it was prior to that payoff but at least I've been warm. This definitely has not been a winter to bank on getting by with space heaters. I actually worked up a sweat at the grocery store this morning and ran into my brother picking up stuff for the grands. They have a dual appointment with their oh so calm geriatric specialist as I type. I'm out of the loop on that and will let them catch a ride and do their own talking. Nothing that I say matters much anyway!

Wayner pointed out that I was all over the place with yesterday's post which is totally true now that I look back. All I can say is I was still under the influence of the stomach bug. Every time I coughed or bent over it felt like I was going to faint. Fun times, I tell ya. I was also dehydrated which makes you feel pretty crappy. Against all odds Booger managed to KICK his new cast right off last night when he was visiting his daddy. Back to the ER for another splint they went, and now another cast is in the works. I've never quite heard of that one but if any kid could pull it off it's him. He is absolutely the biggest bundle of fun and joy to be found when he's in his happy place. I have learned to love the Scrat Christmas movie just like him because it's 25 minutes of total silence with Ray Romano weaving magic.

It was pretty cool to wander around and buy something besides the cheapest ass essentials at the store. Thank you US Department of Treasury for being prompt. I can just hear the economy booming from my spot here on the hill in spite of Boehner and Ryan. I remember when the very first superstore came to our 'burg and I wasn't much familiar with how the Wal thing can take over and make you a slave to imported goods sold by underpaid workers with no benefits. It has been said they we are, in fact, subsidizing their work ethic by supplying their employees with federal benefits for the poor. I agree and once again I say "What the hell is wrong with you people??" To me it is no longer about who is right politically but who is doing the work of Big Ernie. I doubt he shops at the big box stores.

Meanwhile, over in the holler in North Carolina my melungeon friend Mahala is busy keeping things with her tales of co-workers and mayhem in the asylum. I know every single one of her office characters in my own workplace. Like me she is overworked, under-loved and one paycheck away from financial Armageddon yet she manages to laugh and go on. Her daughter the amazon is in and out much like my BG. Further east is my friend Judy the floral designer. My relatives in VA got a whole pile of show. And here I sit looking at blue skies. Sweet.

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