Sunday, March 11, 2012

what is a blog?

Loosely defined, it is an internet based tool for writing and sharing. Some are profit driven, though somehow I missed the boat on that one and end up tapping away for my own well being, releasing thoughts that folks are welcome to read if they want to. They're not all right or politically correct, but they are mine and in this time of increased government security, that is like gold. That I have the freedom to do that is a blessing and I thank all service people the world over for fighting to keep that simple right which is totally guaranteed by the constitution.

In this country, I can vote for a GOP candidate for the first time in MANY years, just because I know that if he or someone like him were to be our leader? Things would change. As it is we'll get some pretty boy with a plastic wife and a lot of christian based support. And Barack Obama will be our president again. During his first election the race thing was held to a minimum but did include the birth certificate thing. Since then, a growing hatred for our government from within the citizenship has alarmed me. In my opinion, things are no worse than they were when he inherited two wars and a whole bunch of pisssed off baby boomers. That means he's doing something right, in spite of a spoiled ass congress. I want to see them take a cut in benefits to balance the budget. They have been entitled for years and years while the US postal service goes broke and shuts down processing centers. They failed to "revise" their goal in light of electronic media and FedEX planes.

I woke up this morning about seven when the sun was coming up and dozed off again to find myself scrambling to get to church on time. Daddy was a little pissed because we had to pass on waffles but the drive thru at Sonic worked out. I also made a run to Lowe's for them, dog food and some snacks. We travel light around here now, but we do so love to cook when groceries and time allow. My ethereal Botwinesque friend visited yesterday and we did yoga on the concrete steps chatting and basking in the big shot of natural vitamin D. Good times, girl.

Things have been so crazy nobody has had time to bury the last puppy, Chance. He laid wrapped in a towel for a couple of days and I finally picked up the shovel and did it. He lies fairly close to Butterbean and our other late pets, scattered through the yard in a somewhat reverent fashion. The puppies have visible eyeballs and are walking now so it's going to get interesting in BG's room/kennel. These babies are so damn cute! Their little faces are wrinkly like a bulldog and they have webbed feet.

I think there's a spider bite on my right arm (of course) so it looks like I'm headed to visit somebody at the sawmill tomorrow. Tuesday is the day of our being honored for years of service....35 for me. I feel so loved ya'll ;) I can truly say that I've given them the best years of my life.


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  1. Nice post. I've been so busy I haven't had time to stop by much. xoxo to you
    sorry about the puppy, happy about the yoga and congrats for the 35 years