Tuesday, March 13, 2012

for this i went to college

Well, today was a good one from beginning to end. We got free breakfast and I get to pick a nice prize from the book and it beats the hell out of a kodak digital which I was mighty proud to get at THAT point in time. I'm pondering the merits of several favorites including a nifty set of pots and pans and or a nice sound system. I don't even have a radio anymore, which is not good when you live on a hill during tornado season. Just saying. It was short, informal and sweet with our pictures flashing on the screen, the ones marketing gal took as we came in. Our childboss is steering the ship now while corporate makes a strategic decision about where to send him, per their usual routine...and who to send us. It's like having to adapt to different parents or something!

We continued our slow work day by reading the news peeling individually wrapped plastic pipettes for specimen transfer. Normally they come in boxes ready to grab but there's some kind of shortage that created a back order so there you go. I looked up from the floor where I was making piles and grinned at my friendboss. "How I spent my 35th anniversary!" We squeezed in lunch with another one who's not around much so that was even better. I look at these people...my co-workers and friends, and some of them just tolerable team members. I can remember the names of most of their children and a few grands and there are stories that nobody will ever know except for us because we lived it. Beginning as a county hospital when it was very apparent that the county couldn't handle managed care, we were sold to a not-for-profit There are layers of people who have come and gone with these sales and transitions. Some of them come back as our patients. That can be really sad.

My friend Big John met me smiling in the lobby today with a big hug as he waited for the little General to get her business done. We didn't talk much which is normal for us. I just looked at him trying to figure what was different. He is peaceful, and we all pray for that peace to continue to follow he and his family on their mission. I seem to be an honorary sister in that family as well since the real ones live away. They are a very cool Quaker family from Illinois who raise golden retrievers. Here's a shoutout to all ya'll Sammons's...leave room for the spirit to work.

Oh..and speaking of sisters. It's almost pool time at Gigi's!


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