Friday, March 16, 2012

pile of puppies

We have three survivors from Faith's litter and they are growing like fat little pigs and getting mobile. Some of our AC vents aren't covered so we have to keep a current head count, though I imagine we'll hear he or she when they squeal dropping in the hole! I've almost lost toddlers that way too. We had no air for several warm and humid days and my allergies are in overdrive. Sometime during last night, there was a thunderstorm and our transformer got hit by lightning. It was interesting getting ready for work by candlelight.

I proceeded on up there to be me with the biggest shitstorm you've ever seen after tromping in with a bedsheet over my head as an umbrella. Yeah, I know. Redneck to the core. Yesterday I visited with a farmer friend for some quick lessons on straw bale gardening and how I need to get started. She had pictures of the gardens she's built on the Gulf coast in housing for survivors of Katrina. The technique is pesticide free and not nearly as labor intensive as digging in the ground. I will, however, have to haul about 50 bales to the yard and scoop horse poop for compost. Our hope is that if this demonstration garden is visited by some locals over the summer, the powers that be will notice and allow us to pitch it to the under served within our community. It's a work in progress so we'll see how that goes. I may break a leg or something and not even be able to scoop poop!

Asparagus is beginning to pop up more and more. My teacher in that trade says the rule is "never pick anything thinner than a pencil." It sure is tempting though because they're the best! The whole place is awash in spring color...lavender redbud trees, yellow forsythia and buttercups. Red tulips. Saw my third snake of the year wrapped up in an azalea bush and it's only March. I wonder if the old moth ball trick really works?

My 48 hours away from the interwebs has been surprisingly calm and I find myself with more time to devote to peaceful things. BG called me at work to announce that I had received yet another package from my anonymous donor, this time a box filled with lots of fun items that we chosen especially for me. BG helped me rip it all open and we've been in heaven ever since using high end skin products that we could never afford and eating on gift cards! Whoever you are, just know that you're the best thing that happened to my karma in a looooooong time!

It's been a very long week as in the kind where you never quite know what day it is and then Friday finally comes along and says "hey bitch, settle down." And that's exactly what I'm about to do. Peace and love and rock'n'roll ^j^

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