Thursday, March 8, 2012

puppy hospice

Faith's delivery has been anything but ordinary considering her age, and of the four pups left one has struggled from the beginning. The runt, so to speak. His right paw is deformed which caused him to use his elbow to get around and there was a raw spot there from her constant struggle to keep up with those three fatties. She rallied after we warmed her and mama fed her, but her progress has been slow even by dog standards. Mostly she just laid around on the yoga rug apart from the bunch, separating herself for the journey. Last night there was a strong storm system moving in and Chance took a turn for the worse. Faith was whining over both of these things and I honestly didn't know what to do except help her comfort the dying baby. BG came home to find us snuggling. Very VERY sad.

Eventually she got in the bed with us and let the pups fend for themselves. When I left in the pouring rain this morning, she was still alive and squeaked at me when I rubbed her head. BG found her later and she's ready for burial, that is if the damn rain ever stops. The farmer's daughter in me says to be thankful for that spring rain. I'm just praying that we don't get a third year of record flooding around our parts. That would just about kill what's left of the spirit in our county. Or? Maybe not. They say that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger and I truly believe that. If you have learned a lesson through hard work and faith, teaching that lesson to someone else in the name of self sufficiency is truly the way Big Ernie intends it to be.

I had a scare last night when the batteries on the remote went dead and I accidentally unplugged the monitor and couldn't find the common sense to put plug a into port b. Didn't really care! Besides, that means I got to watch two episodes of my favorites today.

Happy ladies night ya'll. I'm having one for all of us ^j^

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