Saturday, March 24, 2012

patient advocate

Who among us has not felt the joy of being at work for almost 24 hours straight? We headed out behind the ambulance (again) to the ER with mom in tow. Her arthritic knee quit supporting her itty bitty weight and as it turned out, she has a massive infection in said joint which has gone systemic. Oh, hell. We finally made it to a room after midnight and I napped on the futon or whatever the hell it is for a couple of hours before reporting to work at 6AM. She's getting IV expensive ass antibiotics and enjoying the quiet time. If you look at THAT as peace, bless your heart hon. Daddy's staying on schedule at home and just reciting it to himself instead of to her. With bullets.

I'm beyond tired to the point of being stupid. And to top it all off? I pulled out a legal document that proves without a doubt that the evil money grubbing bank named Capitol One who gave me 1500 bucks worth of credit on plastic TEN freaking years ago, is still on my ass following a judgement and and many many payments to a lawyer mill. *sigh* Little black cloud, hanging over me! Needless to say, that lender is equivalent to DirecTV in the area of predatory business practices. Watch your ass consumers. And open up your trap and yell when there is injustice. I can honestly say that if I had not been in the hospital as my mother's advocate today, her treatment would have been much more complicated than it had to be just because of everybody consulting with everybody else. The "in house" doc showed up sometime after lunch to review her case which had been on an IV drip for 12 hours following her treatment in the ER. My heart goes out to those who don't either know something about healthcare themselves, or have someone who does.

Gotta stretch out my own arthritic knee and get ready for another early day at the sawmill. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "treat every patient like your mama'n'them"


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