Thursday, March 22, 2012

the devil wears snakeskin

I can tell right now that this summer will be a doozy because of the sheer number of early reptilian creatures scaring the shit out of me. Gone are the days of walking across the yard without looking ahead on the ground. I went to pick flowers for a centerpiece yesterday afternoon and came face to face with a big mama jama all curled up in the bush. It about made me run for a nerve pill! The puppies are out there with an ottoman and old tv blocking their progress down the steps because frankly, I can't deal with it anymore. They're cute as hell though and a waterhose will clean that stuff right up.

Since we are too poor not in a financial position to buy tires at the moment, and there are literally LAYERS of drama floating around us daily, BG and I spend a lot of time trading cars and buying fix-a-flat then hittin' up free air. You'd be amazed how quickly folks will drop 75 cents into a machine for air when we know who gives it away, complete with free advice. Thanks dude at Patterson Bros!!! Hers are 14 inch and mine are 15, both of which are hard to find at service stations now. Remember...the trusty Camry is 11 years old! Her Neon is only an 05, but has a kazillion miles on it from commuting to college for three years. For that BSW that has somehow failed to land her a decent job, because everybody knows it can't be fixed. Meanwhile taxes and fuel go up, the politicos argue and bitch and sling mud, and the rest of us bust our asses trying to survive. Not cool.

The guy in France scares because of his youth, and two because our two countries weren't sharing information when it was plainly out there. As for the shooter in Afghanistan, he will lawyer up and in the end it will be shown that he did what he did because he had done what he had done for so long and been treated like shit and put back into duty when he was clearly mentally unfit. Dude's whole life was coming unglued and when he asked for some relief he got a fourth tour. Tell me somebody ain't talking to somebody else..seriously.

My dear friend's husband just returned from Germany following discharge from the army which included a tour in Iraq. They took off on a family vacation and narrowly missed being in a wreck on a busy city interstate. C said that he was so freaked out that he couldn't drive anymore after that and was just totally losing it. PTSD, untreated, will spread into a soldier's life and eat away at relationships and potential to heal and return to civilian life. Then there's the stress of trying to find a job in this lovely economy. For what it's worth, I blame Dubya.

I'm home and settled and not going out again because I've got the Neon, which shakes like a mofo ,so that BG will have a way home from work. Any questions? Leave them at the beep cuz I'm on a mission to have at least half a day off from the fun filled reality that is my life.

Peace and love ^j^


  1. it's a crazy world we live in and maybe my kids are not too far off when they say the whole thing is going to end up like a zombie apocalypse. Or was that Calypso, I can't remember.

    Hugs and prayers