Wednesday, March 28, 2012

sleeping with delmer

Hannah is one of my favorite nurses of all time and her world went to hell in a handbasket last October when her house caught fire and both her husband and young son were badly burned. They went to different hospitals for treatment and poor Hannah was stuck in the middle, running herself ragged and praying 24/7. Delmer died from one of the many complications that come as a part of severe burns, and Tripp survived and has undergone multiple surgeries for grafting and such. A few days ago they returned to "home" for the first time since that awful day when their world changed forever. One of the many benefits for the family was a t-shirt sale, baseball type with his number on back. I promptly bought two and BG and I have worn them constantly, a testament to faith. On the front is a verse from 2 Timothy 4:7 to be exact. "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." That just about says it all, huh? To Hannah and Tripp I send much love and hope for recovery and a new life.

Mom is MUCHO better today after heavy duty IV antibiotics and some physical therapy. The only morphine she had made her hallucinate so that was a no-no. She's not really hurting...just needs something to help her to relax and heal. She will be going to a skilled care facility in a couple of days to complete her rehab. Where and when are to be decided by us and the case manager. My list of people to make cakes for has grown to about 50 since she's been at the sawmill so if I win the lottery, that'll be first on my agenda. Thanks Big Ernie, for the opportunity to work with a tremendous group of people. I have totally seen a team in action.

The high court has a huge issue on their plates considering the future of healthcare delivery. I have watched and fumed as the GOP becomes righteous about birth control and abortion when there are much bigger issues on the table. Basic preventive care of all types is something that this government can afford if it's done without bias. All the big players like pharmacy and insurance will have to get with the program and cut some CEO salaries to make it happen, but it can be done. I watched in horror as the UMC took over the funding that had been traditionally given to Planned Parenthood in Memphis. That's my home church and I love it, but it's not about religious beliefs. It's about health.

The weather is great which means that mr. snake is out and about. We lost one of the puppies yesterday, but he was back this morning so it's all good. They're having a ball playing in the new green and bonding. Almost weaned and ready to fly! So far, no takers.

God is good...all the time ^j^

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  1. Glad to hear Mom is doing better. (by the way was tripp the son or hubby?)

    Sending hugs and prayers.