Saturday, March 3, 2012

that contraception thing

Okay ya'll. Maybe I'm dense and all but it seems to me that abstaining from sex, while a very worthy and pure way to be, is not realistic for most teenagers. I was eighteen before I lost my virginity, but it was nothing but the grace of God that saved me a few times before that. It will happen, whether it's at home or in a '55 chevy convertible or at church camp. Surprised? Oh, please spare me naivete just because I've put in a long day at the sawmill. This fight has been brewing since the dawn of man(and woman)kind and it only makes sense to me to make affordable birth control options available to those who wish to get off of the government payroll where they get paid to pop 'em out. Some might say that is a racist remark, but I know those people of every race and nationality. They're the ones who sit back and take while the rest of us bust our asses.

That being said, I think it is the ultimate in arrogance for a bunch of highly paid politicians to make decisions regarding womens' rights without some (more than random or forced) input from the women whose bodies' are being regulated. These idiots think if they don't pitch a fit about the birth control everybody at the church is gonna talk about them. Kiss my ass guys. Before abortion was legal, I knew several who traveled to other countries for that procedure. Many were done unsafely and resulted in a lot of pain and suffering. All of that was because it was against the law. And now we want to go backwards with that? Somebody just shoot me now. I never in my life thought I'd see the day. I have given tribute to Planned Parenthood before because they kept my sexually active college student self to NOT get pregnant before graduation and the big breakup with the love of my life. I paid for it, but it wasn't much. Affordable, that's all people need. If it's a priority, they'll get it. If not, cut 'em loose.

Our federal coffers are drained from decades of racketeering and war and it's time for somebody to start simple and try to break the cycle that is hatred and violence, most especially based on gender, race or sex. I have two beautiful friends who are quite mystical and their place in my life has become helping me to see that even though I missed some chances at different things earlier...put off moving or traveling, positive change can still happen if you want it bad enough. When your soul is screaming and crying out for a voice and nobody is listening, just remember what my daddy says.

"Janie, it has always been thus and so."

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  1. Amen sister, amen. Sorry, it seemed to need that kind of response. You're right.

    Hugs and prayers