Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the muse

She has been silent lately, allowing me to spend time on stretching and relaxing and enjoying the sight of a pile of puppies every day. Soon enough, they'll be grown up like all kids get to be, and out of her way. She has bounced back from a very difficult 48 hour delivery like a champ, not seeming to notice that she's almost 70 in dog years. The reason that I stretch so much these days is that my muscles are contracted on the right side of the body so that nerves are pinched in the neck area and that is wreaking havoc with every muscle on that side. The ex roommate provided temporary relief when he was here, but it's been tough going for a month or so. When the budget allows, I'll schedule a massage and then visit the chiro to get that shit out of a knot!

My friend visited another surgeon today to map out a diagnosis and treatment plan for his cancer. Time and CT will tell. After a slow morning at the sawmill, we got slammed in the afternoon and that caused the knots to tighten up some more on the right shoulder. Yowza! More weather coming, this time with heavy rain for the crops. It's so dry and windy here that there was a burn ban on the day I torched the couch (hey..i didn't know 'til after!).

Yesterday was the unusual one where BG and I got to chill and visit while watching Chelsea and Weeds and cleaning, all at once. We get into a rhythm with the chores and it makes much lighter work of it. I guess that's why cleaning ladies always work in pairs...right Vick! Santorum took TN which is no surprise and nothing that I had a part in. At this point, I don't even care. Seriously.

Daddy came barreling up the driveway yesterday to get BG to fix his watch, which MUST always have the correct date and time or else the world will end. I don't have the patience for it, but she sat there and played with it til she got it done with watching the hands move the entire time. Mom was playing bridge, so that was his outing for the day.

As the days pass, I feel more and more of an urgent need to do something that will be not motivated by excess profit and help to preserve what we have here on Earth. Not for me, or for my children and grandchildren. But because it's all a gift and shouldn't be wasted in the name of capitalism. That would make Big Ernie real mad!

Yoga time. Peace out ya'll.

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  1. Sorry I've been absent. Seems like there is no time for anything anymore.

    Just wanted to say, that a wonderful way to preserve the past, pay it forward to new generations would be the book that Drew and I keep pushing for.

    Coffee table book, pictures with captions on right, (because that is what people look at first) and on the left, recipes, short tales from the oldsters, might even get other family members to write down fond memories to be included. You want help organizing, I'm in
    Hugs and prayers