Monday, March 5, 2012

mental health day

Usually, it's never any one thing that takes you down, just a big fat combination of fatigue, stress and worry that eventually says quite clearly "Take a day for yourself, you silly wench!" My body hurts and I've got a sore throat. No fever though, just need some chill time to recover. My heart is heavy with the news that a dear friend has been diagnosed with cancer. The irony? His surgeon is a cancer patient himself. I see a big friendship coming up ya'll! Big John was an English teacher/coach/administrator for many years in nearby schools prior to his retirement a few years ago. A smartass like myself, we played pass-the-fruitcake for years until one of got tired of the game. His wife the little general has been my friend and co-worker for like..the whole time I've been at the sawmill. Raised in the Quaker faith, she quietly converted to Methodism after we met and still doesn't miss a chance to sing in the choir. Big hugs and much love ya'll.

I found the first tiny asparagus spear yesterday and as I type Pride is grazing precariously close to the bed. His roaming days are about over as the crops will be put in soon and that's about money rather than his ornery attitude. I guess it's kind of like having a goat...keeps the grass down. Maybe we could just fence him IN my yard. All dogs are napping at the moment, including the four puppies who can't see yet. Faith has rebounded and is taking more frequent breaks, checking in often for naps and milk. The run with the gimpy foot is wearing a spot on his elbow trying to get around but seems to be doing fine otherwise. I'm talking a couple of big FAT puppies ya'll! Since daddy is a boxer their heads are pretty solid too. Too cute.

As for super Tuesday and taking on Iran, I'm having a break from all that as well. Fifty years ago it took awhile for news to get around what with no teevee or interwebs. I figure whatever the disaster du jour is, it can wait 'til tomorrow for processing. With my luck, I'll be one of the "left behind" ones trying to figure out what I did wrong when I tried so hard to do right! My friend Mahala did a post the other day about saving up change and giving it randomly to somebody when they need it, or even if they don't. Just to see the look on somebody's face when you give them a gift. Pretty cool concept, dont'cha think?

Pride has moved into the pine grove where the peonies will be and the boys are running him back to the barn just for the fun of it. A small plane is overhead, making circles in the sun against a brilliant blue sky. I hate flying, by the way. I've been in the air exactly two times...once in a helicopter with my brother as pilot and once on a snow to tropical run down to Miami for some lab training. Talk about a country girl lost as a goose! But that was then, and this is now. In those days, key operators of lab equipment were sent here there and yonder to learn the basics of operation and troubleshooting. That has gone by the wayside for the most part because of the cost involved. More companies do on-site installs with trainers for everybody, not just the one in charge. With managed care contracts in place, there is often very little competition among vendors. End users like myself know the realities of dealing with their machine.

All is well for now. And I'll take that ^j^

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