Thursday, March 29, 2012

memaw update

We wrapped up mama's stay at the sawmill and me,daddy and BG hauled her and all her stuff across the street to rehab. We met the staff and got her settled in and left so that she wouldn't be so sad. That's what the experts say, anyways. Let the people do their jobs, ya know? I've seen my daddy cry about twice in my entire life, and today was the third. They've been married for 58 years. He's about to freak. Ms Faye's sister died so she's off 'til Monday. Thank you big E that he's got TV and corndogs.

I'm not much focusing on politics or any other damn thing right now except caring for my parents and getting to work and back so I can rest. Mama's BFF told me today that she remembers it well, being the middle of the "sandwich". They grew up together when things were harder, yet much simpler. I know where they lived and who lives where now. All thanks to my mother's historical side.

Peace out kids. I'm zonked!


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