Monday, March 12, 2012

an addict without a cause

Somehow I have managed to mangle the USB cable that I use with my super freakin' nice camera so I can't upload until the new one comes. Bummer. I'm one of those who will shoot a bunch of pics and immediately sit down to cull the bad ones. There's at least a week's worth waiting for review and edit while I plug along at the sawmill. Had lunch out again today, which is always good. She got to have a margarita and I didn't but she had just left court and I was working so there ya go. Plus I did it in front of her about a month ago while she was on duty.

Yesterday afternoon my farmer friend and I talked at length about what will be required for a straw bale garden when the horse goes bye-bye. Not much $$ wise, and much less labor intensive than the traditional till 'til you die method. Plus you just keep building on it as it breaks down and it fertilizes itself. How sweet is that? She's even gonna donate seed and her time to organize the whole thing. After I become familiar with the technique, she has other ideas for partnership within the community which I am all over like stink on poop. My faith tells me that the only way we will survive this mess is to go green and help each other out, kinda like the first Americans did.

Excuse me for being a screaming liberal once again, but I say let's cut the guy some slack over there that killed those people. This man had done multiple tours and was brain dead from PTSD by many estimates. The things that these soldiers have seen and dealt with are something that we as baby boomers have never thought we'd have to worry about. Going global isn't always better. When a man who has spent his entire career reporting on world news and these wars in particular says "Please..stop" somebody should listen. Right Mr. Yon? The only difference in this killing and the mass murders that are committed daily in our country because of insanity is because he was a rep of our government, fighting our war, in vain if I may add. Stop it dammit! Move on to something constructive like improving infrastructure and homeland security. We do not belong there and never did. They the infidels were able to perfectly plan and execute their plot killing innocent citizens cannot be changed. They flew under our radar in a time when money was king and everybody was trying to get fatter instead of take care of each other.

It takes a village.


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