Friday, March 30, 2012

memaw update redux

Shortly after I jotted down that short and sweet narrative about the hospital to nursing home transfer across the asphalt by three devoted family members while hauling multiple bags of stuff, I called mama to see how things were going. She was lucky enough to have a solo room for the night since her other "female bed" was in the hospital. Believe it or not, when I called her she still had that trusty Jitterbug nearby and one of the EMTs handed it to her. They were headed to the ER again, this time with chest pain and shortness of breath. As George would say "Oh boy." I rode shotgun with BG in a deja vu experience of last Friday and we knew from experience to stop by the store for drinks on the way. Just under four hours later, she was admitted to ICU. Chancey was her intake nurse and our friend Allison was on duty so we were set to catch a few winks before my early shift. By the time we got to the house after midnight, both of us were too wound up to even consider sleep thanks to mountain dew. It's the non coffee drinker's wake up call, if you know what I mean.

She's better now..resting comfortably with my co-workers as her angels of mercy. They are the ones who do it out of love. Somehow I lost my phone in the shuffle this afternoon, but an angel of my own found it in the parking lot and there was some calling and meeting to retrieve the damn thing. Sometimes I wish we still had the pony express. I mean, really.


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  1. Well, resting comfortably and in the ICU seem contradictory, but I'll take comfort in the first one and hope and pray on the rest of it.
    Hugs and prayers