Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the network

If I were to pick one word that has typified today's modern industrial world it is "networking." It seems to be a cliche these days what with all of the social ones and the work ones and the family ones, but still. To network, as a verb, is to keep all options open and on the table at all times with people who are your team members, whether it's siblings or your bosses. When "the network" goes down at the sawmill, all hell breaks loose...ya'll know the feeling. Plan B's look good on paper but in reality if there's no computer power or lights you have to use your brain and a pen again and mine is pretty out of shape. I've had carpal tunnel repair on one hand because that arm was going numb. It took two years to heal, but those symptoms are gone for good now. It's the other one that's giving me right one...the one I use MORE. And yes, I still owe the surgeon her co-pay. Stand in line hon.

I was standing outside the mechanic's shop on the highway this afternoon waiting for lug nuts and stems to be delivered and my friends whizzed by toward home and hollered at me. I was outside smoking bonding with all the junkyard dogs and Kate the pretty one when they passed. They called about a half mile up the road to see if I was alright and say that they loved me. That, my friends, is something finer than money could ever buy. I learned all about rotors and pads too so maybe I'll just do it myself next time. Yeah....RIGHT! We talked about the old 555 service station that my grandaddy owned downtown when we were growing up around the 'burg. It was right next to the Silver Castle and Roberts Chevrolet on the corner across from our church. We're talking mayberry, folks. Mom's family lived around the corner and up the hill directly across from the old high school. Pawpaw died when I was three so I was really the only one who got to spend much time with him. I've been told I was spoiled rotten, but I don't think that's true, do ya'll?

The hail didn't last long yesterday but the wet cold is hanging heavy around my old house. As fate would have it, BG has another job interview and is actually loving the feeling of having options. I knew that her time would come when it as supposed to. Thank you Big Ernie. We need the money. It's kind of bittersweet how I'm enjoying the process of cleaning and packing and sorting through things. On the one hand, the house looks better than it has in years and I actually (kindasorta) know where some things are. It's still dirty but at least de=cluttered a bit. That in itself makes me feel light, ya know? I used to as bad as those people on Dr. Phil and Oprah about hoarding stuff. No more, buddy. If it's not of personal or sentimental value or art, it's history. I will never forget the hot summer afternoon that I got possessed enough to climb into that hot attic and pitch boxes down the slope of the backporch roof to burn. I thought I was gonna have a heat stroke. I've spent many a day and night down in that moldy old basement scooping out shit and moving the jumk towards the steps going outside. All roads lead to the burn pile :)

I see angels in the network sense, not just because they work in lives often disguised as everyday people. When I first began as a blogger, I made friends with a very talented woodworker in upstate New York who sent me a hand carved and painted puzzle that he made. It's in a box somewhere close by waiting to be put back out once the cleaning is finished. I hope he is well and still enjoying the outdoors with his boys. I've got some candles burning so I figure we'll make it until the sun comes out again. Maybe.



  1. Always forward; looking back slows you down and lets the haunts gain on ya ;)

  2. What Drew said. Hugs and prayers