Saturday, March 26, 2011

risky business

Most weeks when the church newsletter comes I scan through to see what's up and don't know many of the folks whose names are on the prayer list and whatnot. Yesterday I picked it up and actually put on my glasses to read the front page message. And it was a good one! He cited several large successful companies who have begun to "reward" the people who make the biggest mistakes because it is obviously THEY, the risk takers, who can actually improve the quality of service. We're not talking about the dumbasses that come and go in a few weeks or months, but the ones who have been in an organization long enough to know where the weak links are and offer possible solutions to real problems in service delivery. He went on to talk about how faith is like that sometimes. It seems implausible, in times like these, to look on the sunny side. Unless you know that there's a rainbow out there somewhere and it's a promise that will never be broken. No pain, no gain.

Winter has returned to the lane, but not for long. I'm sincerely glad I didn't make it up the steps with the warm stuff. I should know better after all these years, but I'm kind of on a mission to get the house clean before corporate comes or Mother's Day, whichever is first. I was shooting for Easter, but I've gotta work that weekend. Presently Sammy and Faith are snoozing beside me, and a very MUDDY Oscar is peering out the window to see what there is to chase. Just a squirrel here and birds today.

All is well.


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  1. good to hear that all is well. Prayers and hugs as always