Thursday, March 24, 2011

snow on easter

Here in northwest Tennessee, the weather is quite unpredictable except during summer which is always hot and humid, no exceptions. We all like to say "it's not the's the humidity" and other quaint little southern phrases like that. If you're not used to it, you'll turn around and go north by late June or else jump into somebody's pool for the duration. Sometime around the middle of July the shadows begin to slant oh so slightly and the ree'a'rees start up. That's when I know for sure that fall is coming eventually. By then the lightning bugs have made themselves at home and the fireworks are over. That's prime time for reaping what you've sowed in a garden happily tilled and planted before the weeds set in. Way back in the spring!

Back to Easter, then. Mama has told me many times about the sunrise services at her Methodist church when HER grandma brought her beloved parakeets in so there could be birds chirping as the sun rose on the sacred day. If I'm not mistaken, there were doves sometimes too. Maybe I'm confusing that with the weddings I've been to. She loves to talk about how I went to church with my pj bottoms on under my fancy dress because I failed to change out. "Just don't bend over!" she told me. Right....with all those easter eggs waiting to be found? We hunted at home in the yard before church, at my grandma's house after church and a couple of times at school or somebody's party. I probably never found too many because I tend to be on the lazy side.

Every Sunday morning before church, we had cinnamon rolls with icing because they were quick and easy and lord only knows it's a chore to get three kids ready for services. That was, of course, back in the day before anybody could wear pants except guys. And little boys wore shorts and cute jackets on the special day. I went to vacation bible school, but I don't ever remember them going with me. We had snacks in the old fellowship hall, down at the basement level of the original part of our church. When BG was that age, I tried to pitch in and help but all the artsy craftsy soccer mom types wouldn't invite me to play so I taught their kids in sunday school instead. That's a whole 'nother story about entitlement and the evils thereof. During that time, there were many wealthy people keeping the whole deal going but they have since died out and most of their kids are scattered across the globe. It was a very active congregation that paid apportionments and good salaries. But you know what? They did very little to help those in the neighborhood, outside of contributions to a mission in another county.

It's usually always nippy on Easter Sunday so you better pick something to layer over that little sleeveless sailor dress mama bought for you. And have a backup plan for those shorts on the boys. I mean...for real. This year it's later in April so maybe we can go without coats for a change. Here's a story for you, and trust me. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. Several years ago when mama was still driving and daddy went ahead in his truck so he could practice with the men's choir, she had a major accident pulling out from their road toward town. The car was totaled and she had airbag damage all over her little body. We ended up in the ER ( I was at work ) with her favorite preacher coming in to say "Surprise!". That was his Easter message to the congregation, and she got it even though she never made it in her finery.

Another year, she fell and broke her arm while cooking supper for daddy on Easter night. I may be blonde at times, but that little connection didn't escape attention. There was an ambulance and a long time in the ER with a lot of intensive aftercare. She hasn't been able to walk right since then. My mother always made holidays special no matter what the occasion because she just loved to entertain. She never sat down until everyone else was fed, and spent hours fussing over food and decorations to make it oh-so-special. I go the here and there route with decoration that usually includes whatever color candle holders I have and some tea lights. That's all it takes for some atmosphere.

Lord only knows what's gonna happen THIS year when the stone is rolled away from the tomb. I'm thinking on the positive side of things, which is just my nature ^j^

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  1. The stone reveals light which drives away darkness, much as your tales do for me.
    Thank you, Angel Jane.