Sunday, March 27, 2011

what the hail??

It's been a very LONG time since we got a hailstorm the likes of the one yesterday. We got a light dose of it on the lane but as we traveled into town to eat at mexico, the highways and flower beds were white with the stuff. Looked like a snow plow had come through and pushed it back. Pride, our horse, ran around like he was on crack in the middle of it instead of headin' for the barn. No car damage or anything, but there is a very audible brake problem on the front left that requires immediate attention. As in ScRReeeechhhh! As we all know I am one paycheck away from poverty rolling in the dough, so I think I'll take it to my friend's shop and get it checked out. The stupid thing isn't even paid for yet and it's 11 years old. Note to self: see rainbow.

It's still cloudy and cold and the last of the last load of propane is keeping us warm. It feels oddly familiar to be sitting inside looking through the ancient windows of this old house. The woodwork around the window where my desk is has become worn and weathered from years of weather seeping in as fronts move from west to east over the river and up the hill to poopie's house. My parents and I did our usual Sunday rounds of Perkins, drug store and Kroger then back to the crib for pill counting and allergy shot. They were settling in to watch TV when I left. All is well for now.

I put on makeup yesterday for the first time in months, and realized shortly thereafter why I don't do it often. At my age with my wrinkles and bags, it only accentuates the negative, ya know? I have spent much of my life in the sun, beginning with a four year career as a lifeguard so there's significant sun damage. You couldn't have told me back then that it would do this little number on a young face. Now I pretty much just don't give a rat's ass about how i look as long as i'm clean and brushed with a little bit of Miss Athena's beads hanging from my ears. Low maint, I'm telling you. Well and maybe just a little bit lazy. Learning to chill and forget about the world has done more for my anti-aging strategy than anything. Not that I ever had one, mind you. That ain't how I roll. I had to marvel at the halftime speech given by Pat Summitt to the Lady Vols at halftime yesterday. Two words over and over and over again after asking them if they wanted to go home. "no ma'am" they mumbled. DEFENSE. REBOUND. DEFENSE. REBOUND. They did just that and won the game by playing the second half flawlessly and under pressure. Some people just work better that way. On occasion I have been known to be one of them.

Peace and love ya'll. Keep the faith ^j^

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