Friday, April 1, 2011

it's the little things that count

Yesterday was errand day and today is all mine to blow at will. Per my usual ADHD behavior pattern there are no less than 10 projects going at the moment, including this post. Sometimes it helps to clear the cobwebs away so that the real cleaning can be done. There's plenty of it what with the mud and whatnot being tracked in by several humans and lots of four legged creatures. Sam and Oscar have muddy paws while Queen Faith reclines somewhere soft with her new purple collar and pink bandana. Those colors look great with chocolate brown.

Another poet friend of mine has self published his work and I am promised a signed copy when they arrive. He knows how sweet broke I am so he graciously offered it as a gift. My friend Mahala who is hidden in the hollers of North Carolina is wrestling with the same issues we have here on our farm, including elder care and trying to stay sane when the whole world seems to be wanting their money. Her writing is hilarious, especially about the "fictional" people that she works with and her somewhat gypsyish background. Melungeon, I believe they're called. Check her out. And read back to see how she got to where she is today.

All of the old windows are open to air out the house but there's still a definite chill because the sun refuses to come out for more than two minutes. Bound for me to be stuck at the sawmill this weekend when it's 75 and sunny. I've got two cookings to do as well, one for my mama's bridge club, a delicious triple chocolate fudge bundt cake, and another for my brother's poker club. Deviled eggs and green beans for ten guys! Who loves you brother?

Always vigilant on the search for cash, I have decided to get a friend to sell my old vinyl LPs online to collectors. NOBODY has a turntable anymore and if they did they wouldn't use it because of the quality of sound available otherwise. They reflect who I was musically during the seventies and eighties which was all OVER the dang spectrum. I loved every minute of those days before becoming a mom when we all hung out and partied together. It seems really tame compared to what partying consists of now. Once when BG has to work and my other daughter's first serious boyfriend died of an ecstacy overdose in CA, I went with her to his funeral at the tiny chapel in Obion. We sat with my sister Jane who shares my birthday along with her twin sister Judy. The sad thing? His friends didn't report it in time to save his life.

No news is good news so I reckon it's a good day to be alive and kickin'. We did yardwork and burned some shit last night which always rekindles my spirit. Asparagus is still slow because of the cold snap, but should burst forth real soon. April is when you get to pick twice a day! I'm not planning a garden because I usually give up in the heat of July and let the weeds take over, which is typical me. I do so hate to sweat, which is an unfortunate trait to have when you live in the south. I learned from my friend Idgie at the Dew that kudzu actually blooms which I never knew after growing up surrounded by it. It's called a "pile", those big nasty places where you can dump bodies during the summer and they won't be found until first frost.

Look ahead people. It's the only sane thing to do.



  1. I'm a waiting Mr. Joe's book myself...

  2. Well, Miss Janie, it's actually because you've always been such a great friend. The money issue is just one small part of the offer. You're writing, your family values, your belief system, the way you care about your momma and dad, the whole issues going on with BG, and all the other stuff that you deal with daily. That is why I offered. I cannot think of a more deserving friend to receive a signed copy. Hugs and prayers as always.