Friday, March 11, 2011

happy thoughts

I have never EVER in my 55.5 years of living been so extremely grateful for a sunny day. Without an earthquake. The first thing I thought of was that movie with Tea Leoni where the whole world washes away and she just stands there waitin' for the waves to hit. Dyer county is close to the New Madrid fault which was the cause for the formation of Reelfoot Lake. Tourism has been the only blessing for the small towns of Ridgely and Tiptonville which depend on the lake for income. There is soon to be a port there. We shall see. As young children nobody had much of a place to swim so we went to the beaches there. There was a tall tower to dive from, and more than one person either hit the water moccasin bed or broke their neck trying it out. Not me buddy. You won't catch me swimming with the snakes!

Things are down to a dull roar here, with an opportunity to tap-tap-tap and do a little yard roaming with a beer. That is my idea of the perfect day off. The house is, though not spotless, respectfully clean thanks to teamwork by me and the roomie. The warm sunshine has drawn a number of cars to the clubhouse at the golf course and this afternoon will be primo for the lucky ones who carry their clubs at all times. The water continues to creep up, but I'll take that any day over a one hour quick rise like last year. It makes me giggle to think of me and BG and James Frank all riding through the muddy water in Clara's county truck with our flood provisions of food and (lots of) beer. We still talk about driving down the runway at the airport to get home.

Not much else, except keep the faith ^j^

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