Tuesday, March 8, 2011

oh my, where do i begin......

It's rainy and gray. Again. This winter has given me a whole new appreciation for the evils of SADD. One can only go so long without some vitamin D to boost the ever delicate immune system into overdrive for the last dredges of darkness. Sheesh...I'm starting to sound like Stephen King. Anyway, you get the picture, right? Days on end of cold rain with just a brief peak of sun amongst it all. At least it's not snow. Right ya'll?

Well thank goodness somebody else effed up and took some attention away from Charlie Sheen. I read today where a sales executive with NPR got caught saying what he really believed on tape and now the whole powers that be with that firm connection to Congress and the funding therein are "outraged." Bullshit. This man was set up by someone who makes a living off of ruining other people's lives. What the guy said, basically, was right. Public broadcasting does not NEED to augmented by federal dollars because then Congress controls the lineup. And we wouldn't want that would we? There are enough people out there who are well enough off that public radio and TV can be supported without government control. Until they cut the internet like in Libya, we'll all be raising hell. I'm curiously watching to see what the allies will do with this one. No fly seems to be a good start to me. It beats the hell out of pulling bone tired soldiers out of caves in Afghanistan and sending 'em to hell in a handbasket. See how things go with the past of LEAST resistance. That's the peaceful old hippie coming out :)

Gas prices are ridiculous, as everyone knows. The reason that this happens...according to reports I've read...is not because the supply is really threatened but the unease that comes with knowing that "other arrangements" might have to be made. The traders get nervous and go all bat shit crazy trying to protect their turf and kingdoms. Whatever. Remember Wall Street ya'll. Eventually, shit rolls downhill. Ain't that right?

Peace out ^j^


  1. Somebody needs to 'no fly' the buggers running our oil companies, is what needs done.

  2. Yup what he said. Our prices are at least a dollar higher per gallon up here, but most of that is going to the government in taxes.

    I hear you on the sunshine stuff too.

    Big hugs and prayers of light (the sunshine variety, not the God variety this time)