Friday, March 4, 2011

walkin' the walk

As most everybody knows, I'm not an active church attendee. I do pickup duty for my parents at their UM church home, which rules out the only service that I'd like to attend, so there ya go. Sermons there tend to be very biblical which is fine and all, but there is very little testimony as to real life challenges in our community. Like poverty. And meth addiction. And all the evil things that Jesus despised. The difference with him though, is that he knew when somebody was a player and somebody was just doing the best they could with what they were handed. That's why he healed so many sick folks! Kinda like our exchange preacher from the UK who was also a physician. Now THAT guy could preach.

It's Friday afternoon and looking pretty rainy for the weekend which isn't a bad thing. It makes me want to lay down and watch movies instead of doing yard work. I'm still post-pneumonia which feels really great compared to what it was, but still not at full steam. Plus it's spring allergy season, dammit. It doesn't look like treatments are an option due to shitty marginal finances so we'll just have to run the fans and deal with it. Every once in awhile somebody reminds me that if we didn't have three dogs in the house that might help. Not an option, people. In nasty weather, the babies come in. They even have their own love seat!

More and more, I find myself turning to music for a hit of calm to my soul. I've always loved it, all genres. BG gave me an MP3 player a couple of years ago and loaded it with good stuff but I couldn't keep the damn thing in my ears. What I need is a Bose system *cough* right after I pay off the propane guy with my right arm. Hey...miracles happen, ya know? That's where Sugardaddy has always been the comic relief in my struggle to survive financially. There's a whole lot of stuff on the bucket list if he decides to make me an offer.

While I am horrified at what is happening in Libya, I am silently grateful that our government has (so far) not attempted to play big ike and go rushing into yet another war that has nothing to do with anything other than oil. I am also sorry for their loss, but extremely disturbed that public sector employees are not being really graceful about living on the terms that the rest of us deal with. New flash...he giveth and he taketh away. If you've had free insurance while you were working full time, you are a throwback to the seventies and eighties which is when the whole healthcare industry went to hell in a hand basket due to fraud by providers with highly paid O's. I heard that new Blue Cross building in Chattanooga is to die for.

In the ninties, I was a consultant for several POLs, or physician office labs. These folks actually thought that they could MAKE money by ordering unnecessary tests in the office setting. The trouble was, not just any animal can do that kind of stuff. One guy I worked for wanted me to show him the numbers that proved why he wasn't making money off the lab. When I showed him how much he was paying to run the lab vs how much Medicare money he was getting, he still didn't get it. Dude eventually killed himself sometime after he landed his private plane on a highway by Kentucky Lake. Oh boy. Here is the bottom line with healthcare costs: The people who are making decisions about how federal healthcare dollars are to be used are NOT healthcare professionals but politicians who are being tempted by the devil big insurance,pharmacy and medical equipment providers. OH yeah, I know there's a law about that. But..uh. For real?

My brave and faithful BG has been making the most of her most recent layoff by cleaning house and cooking which I could totally get used to. She said not to because there's always another job down the pike that is a little better than what you left. I admire that spirit, because today it is not easy to find something worthwhile, even with a college degree. Until somebody decides to give her a shot, those student loans will remain unpaid. And we all know what THAT does to the US economy.

Peace out ya'll. It's time for musical therapy ^j^

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  1. put on some tunes & get some therapy ! & BG will find that perfect job someday :)