Tuesday, March 22, 2011

super powers

I've never really gotten into that kinda thing, but my BF loves the animated ones, especially the shows with an Asian theme. But then he plays golf too which means he's sort of on the zone out side of things, which is fine because I am too. He makes fun of me because I go into this trancelike deal where I'm staring out the window at the scenery whizzing by. I absolutely LOVE riding and hate driving with a passion. We're a good match in a lot of other ways as well. Sunday afternoon we went down towards the Big Muddy to party with his family at a fish fry. I brought BG a plate home and she was, frankly, amazed. She said to me "These people don't play!" We rode around and looked at backwater and just let the wind blow through our hair. The youngest of our group went wading in the road where it went underwater and later did belly flops into a big huge ditch that will soon have snakes in it. Ewwww and Yay!! The house that some of them were born in is right across the road, still occupied. Good times down at Bradley :)

We had another crisis yesterday afternoon with a maternal meltdown in more than one house just because it's so hard to keep on keepin' on. My mother is blind and needs someone to read things to her. My daddy is a dementia patient so that's like, um. Not much help. Any of us would gladly sit down and read to her if she would only ask, but there's that pesky independent trait coming out again *sigh* BG told me that when things get bad enough with me she'll just put a pillow over my face. I trust her to pick the time. We are all frustrated, she with her job search and me and my brother with a constant feeling of "what's next" as we juggle work and a little bit of fun into the mix. My usual cure is a couple of nights sleeping 12 hours straight (unless the dogs see something they want to chase).

When I asked my friends to pray for me and send hugs yesterday I was feeling the sort of pain that will bring you to your knees. The immediate response was like little pieces of angel dust falling on me and I was able to stop wailin' and get on with things. I hate nothing worse than going to work the day after a crying jag. Like Mr. Yates always said "This too shall pass."

Love ya..........mean it ^j^


  1. Lawdy, Miss Janie, life shore do complicated for us plain folk don't it now.
    As always, you are in my prayers as are your folks and BG. Sending big ol' hugs to go along with them prayers.