Friday, March 18, 2011

friend of a friend

Sometimes, when something happens that is just totally bizarre and that thing becomes connected to another event...and then another, I begin to think that Big Ernie is talking to me real serious like. Last May, BG was sittin' on the porch at Vick's house when they heard a car crash. She told me about it after she got home and I said "That could have been you!". The next day we found that an elderly woman had been killed in a collision with a friend of ours. Highway 104 is notorious for its' hills and twists and a lot of folks have been killed there, yet it's the only straight line into Trenton from the 'burg. Bikers adore it, and I respect that. As for me, it just makes me nervous as a cat.

As it turned out, the victim was the aunt of one of my co-workers. We talked about it for awhile and then it all kind of went away. Our friend entered rehab at a facility that she still calls home on the banks of the Tennessee river. She attends meetings regularly and hangs out with sober friends. Though her ex has custody of their daughter, she sees her whenever possible and they have an understanding about her care. And now she's been indicted for vehicular homicide. As I talked with my friend at work about it this morning, I shared with her how hard my other friend is working to stay straight and keep looking ahead. That her own father died in a car crash a few months later doesn't help things. Don't you just KNOW she blamed herself?? My work friend shared with me that her cousin had initiated prayer for her when she heard what happened. That is what you know who would do. Tsk..tsk. There's that old testament thing again and it's eastertide so let's keep it light and faithful, umkay? Eat some chocolate eggs or something. Hey I know...go to the mall and get your picture made with the easter bunny!!!

Rock on kids. I'm off for the weekend and loving every minute of it.



  1. Spring, well, springs this weekend. Hope you enjoy it kiddo.

  2. well, it all goes around some way or another. Enjoy the weekend even if you end up at the factory. Hugs and prayers