Sunday, March 13, 2011

who let the dogs in

That would be me, of course. They've all been waiting for me to go to bed since I got home from the sawmill this afternoon. That will happen pretty soon as I have cab duty for daddy's visit to his geriatric care specialist PCP early tomorrow morning. Always a pleasure up in there what with the friendly overworked staff. You see, this is how it rolls these days in healthcare. Your PCP sees you in the office and gets a brief history and a few tests to see exactly what's up. They prescribe meds based on what they see and you go back every three months, if you're alive, to get prescription renewals and/or an order for another examination. At many hospitals, these PCPs opt out on hospital visits so that they can enjoy quality time with their families. That's where the hospitalist comes into play. Normally he or she is from another part of the globe who came to our country because it pays better and you can afford a nice house and a Mercedez. Also, the little wife doesn't have to work but can stay put raising children and being a homemaker. As we southern girls like to say "how nice". Not a good time to be a middle aged smartass gal trying to make a living in the clinical lab, if you get my drift. Those concrete floors are hard over a prolonged period on worn out tennis shoes. One of my girls told me this morning that she had given her hub notice that in two years she'd be outta there. Run, girl....RUN!

I hear the helicopter going over, transporting a patient to Jackson which is where they all go now because it's stupid to fly Shelby when Madison county is just a few minutes away. Considering all of the devastation in Japan, I'd say our infrastructure is about as fragile as theirs when it comes to search and rescue. And I wonder silently when our time will come. Our country's economy is in the shitter and I don't know who to blame for that except for the devil. Ya'll know the dude shows up when you least expect him. I saw it in a movie once, and even read it in the bible. I better get offa' here so I don't get dooced or anything. That would be a travesty.

More rain in the forecast I hear, which is typical spring. Wouldn't it be cool to save all of that up in a barrel and dump it into those irrigation thingies on farms during the summer? I mean gah...if we can send a man to the moon and save other countries on China's dime, why not give it a shot. It worked back in the day.

Where is your nearest river? Claim it and clean it up in your spare time. There's more important things than work if mother earth is to be preserved. Gotta let the dogs out. Neighbor lady just cruised down the road and they're all in a twit.

Love ya....mean it.

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  1. Soon we will look around and wonder what the hay happened to the great and mighty USA. We ARE our own worst enemy.