Monday, March 14, 2011

old home week

Today dawned started off with a torrential rain that started last night and took just a short break before startin' up again with a vengeance. Needless to day I was THRILLED to hop out of bed on my day off at 7AM to take Daddy to the doctor. And for bananas and mylanta. I dropped him off in front of the busy office and literally ran through the rain for the 'nanners. I've learned now that the safest way to keep from going crazy in a doctor's office is to have a book at all times allowing me to go far away to another place and time and pass the minutes that often turn into hours without wiggling or watching CNN on the lobby television. I noticed a tall black man approaching me as I read "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett and looked up to find my neighbor Clara's boyfriend who thought I was somebody else. He called that name but I recognized him from one July 4th BBQ up at Mozella's house and we chatted about life for a minute. Later, after Daddy shuffled over to the lab to get his Vitamin D checked ( why at age 80? i'm silently asking ) his phlebotomist came out to give me some hugs. We used to work together at the sawmill and she was one of the best I've ever had the pleasure to call co-worker. Drawing blood doesn't usually pay too well considering the things you have to go through and put the patient through just to get a specimen. Especially in a hospital. Our phlebotomists are the face of the clinical lab to most patients so if they're grouchy or hurt, there ya go. The "scores" plummet. And now, these scores will affect how healthcare providers receive insurance dollars. Hmmm....makes ya think.

BG is off to see the wizard about a possible part time gig because well....we managed to save the car but it'll come around again this month. And the phone bill. Those people don't play. She's been doing the bulk of the housework but that won't last so mommy's getting in gear today with dishes and laundry, killing time until a meeting this afternoon. Our ex-roomie is in town for a couple of days so she's been eating him up like "a fat baby loves cake." Poor guy drives a truck full of migrants from job to job all over the southeast and even has to roll 'em out of the hotel bed after they've had too much tequila. Which is often. It's good to see him again, I must say. Dude has been a part of the family for ten years now and I don't think that will ever change.

This weekend was a wakeup call for me personally. I realized that I won't be able to do my job, physically, at the pace that I've always kept up. Being one of the "horses" makes one a valuable employee but not necessarily an essential one. I have always been one to jump in there and pull part of somebody else's load on a regular basis. It shows in my health, both mentally and physically, and I'm the only one who can fix that. Since there is no Sugardaddy on the horizon, I'm exploring options for other less physically strenuous ways to bring in some income. Like with the arts. I've always been a bit timid about pursuing that because I have a fear that it would become less of a passion as a job than as a happy place. Once when my thespian friend Debbie from Texas came to visit, we hatched this elaborate plot to co-write a book if I would do the tours. Too much of a homebody for that!

I ordered my friend Drew's book a couple of weeks ago and it had not come so I wrote to ask him about it and he put me a signed one in the mail. When I pulled up to the mailbox, the original book was there so now I'll have two copies. He said to put one in the bathroom :) He and Cowboy Joe have been a constant source of support for me during the hard times of the past few years. We all met up back before FB when blogs were followed religiously. That was when I met Old Hoss and my fairy blogmother and lord have mercy how many others. Most remain friends to this day, even though we're scattered everywhere and have never met in person. My buddy Lois Lane calls them "the people who live in my computer." Now that girl is a pure hoot! She once did a video at the Turkey Testicle Festival near her home, I kid you not.

I read that today is Albert Einstein's birthday so I suppose we should all go out and do something brilliant in his honor. I'm not so sure what I'll manage to pull of that even approaches brilliance, but I sure do try.

Pi R square. No. Pie R round :)


  1. You should have done the book tour.

    You are such a source of inspiration. I love seeing that you've posted a new blog so I can slip on over to see what is up.
    Hugs and prayers

  2. Got to agree with Joe; YOU are the inspiration dear lady. Big time.
    I hope you enjoy the book Janie. I'm guessing you read at least one of them, since it was written for you.. ;)
    God bless and God speed!