Saturday, July 24, 2010

the waterhose and the weedeater

That I have managed to keep this acre of yard mowed for over twenty years is a testament to my total devotion toward having a nice yard. All of Daddy's people are like that, some more persistent than others. Ginner chops the flowers off of hosta because it disturbs her so, while I just enjoy the flowers and pinch 'em when they're dead. Nothing wears my patience quicker than doing the yard chores in July. The weedeater NEVER starts when I'm in the mood, because hey. That's how they roll. Then when it's time to cool off and water the survivors, my dollar store water hoses decides to get all kinky. I think I'll skip today. It's all gonna die in November anyway. Never let it said that I'm not a faithful deadheader, though.

At this very moment, my social worker gem of a daughter is at her daddy's bedside ready to demand answers on why the hell, in his high risk condition, our state insurance won't cover his treatment. He has several co-morbidities including obesity and COPD. He has managed to make his way, God willing, through six years of sobriety after losing everything that mattered to meth and crack addictions. He has done it the hard way in a take-no-prisoners group setting where the old timers understand that sometimes it takes awhile. Nobody ever stays, except the ones who are truly committed for their own sanity. I have to applaude him for that and for his big love for BG. He was my husband for a long long time and I respect what he has become. I will always love him too which I count as a big blessing. So many people are so angry with their exes.
Right cowboy?

Don't tell anybody, but I had time to put on a base coat of nail polish at the sawmill today. You know...the quick dry kind. Great lighting up in there :) As usual, it's about like Days of Our Lives which gets kind of old sometimes. I've spent thirty years trying my best to love people who push every last button I've got when it comes to spirituality and ethics. My battles are chosen very carefully now because it's not about who's right. It's about how it all works out in the end where Big Ernie makes a move and says "Surprise!"

We're on the downhill slide with this heatwave if you look at the glass as halfway to September. Which I most certainly do. Peace and love kids.



  1. Hey Janie - Did I ever tell you that it is an honor being your friend? You're 'bout as genuine as they come.

  2. Well put Drew. I too, think it's awesome how you manage to get through each day and find something to write about. I truly enjoy reading and visiting. Thank you.

    (PS: yes, my ex is an angry one, but she was angry from the day I met her, it's just become increasingly worse over the last 25 years)