Thursday, July 1, 2010

chuck's ashes

It is biblical I suppose, the dust to dust thing. Whenever I think of that passage, I am reminded of Kansas and their famous tune about the wind. Earthly bodies are a birthday wrapped present from Big Ernie and those of us who appreciate the gift are blessed beyond all imagination. I first began to talk with Chuck up in the kudzu when his mother was dying of cancer and he was terribly upset about the whole thing. I would be too, ya know? He worked as a tool and die man for most of his life and had one wife who stood by his side the entire way. He will be remembered fondly by many people. I hope that I can say the same when my time comes to be separated amongst the sheep and goats.

Sometimes I whine here, but mostly I do a running dialogue about my day to day life. Now and then someone cares enough to stay in touch. That means the world to an old girl who is tired as hell and ready to give up at times. Let's pray that I find true love before that happens. It would be a shame for me to go to the grave without ever knowing what it feels like to be "the one" to somebody besides my babygirl. I figure he's out there somewhere because that's the way karma rolls.

I've been cleaning and packing because my time here seems to be up. This house, built in 1918, is poorly insulated and high dollar maintenance. My current bill from Dyersburg Electric System is three hundred plus just for staying cool. No pool pump or water. Nothing but air and the washer and dryer plus a few light bulbs and a fan or two. Oh yeah...and that upper back neck massager thing. I wish I had known about that before I signed up for carpal tunnel surgery and a bridge while enrolled with basic insurance. My bad.

Bubba and I went down to the river the other evening to check out the levee repair and I was impressed with the progress since the big flood busted it out and the dozier guy went into the woods to haul dirt and sand out and began building it back. I was totally amazed, to say the least, but then I'm easily amused. Country girls can be like that on occasion.

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  1. Oh, Janie - you sound so nonchalant about leaving your place, but I know it must be devastating. Are you okay, girl?