Saturday, July 31, 2010

kettle cooked and crown

It's 3PM on a Saturday and too dang hot to go outside so I'm in for the day. Hell, maybe for the month :) After a nice 12 hour snooze, I forced myself seized the opportunity to run some errands like the drug and dollar and beer stores. Hey...when in a state of heat advisory, it's wise to consolidate trips so as to not overheat Old Faithful. She is happy to be parked in the shade out back where the new tiki torches are placed around the half-way done patio. Thanks Gumby!!!! I enjoyed yours and Cassie's party.

I talked to an old friend while I was running errands and we caught up, something that we rarely have time to do at the sawmill. Our boss has a birthday coming up, so there's all kinds of plans in the air. She and her twin brother will be 55...which is MUCH older than me. There was a message from Mom shortly after that my cousin has died, and I was glad to know that she wasn't suffering any more. I guess that's about the only faithful way to look at it when someone has been that sick for that long. She is the oldest of the eight grandchildren on my daddy's side of the family. Also in the healthcare field, she retired after marrying and became a stay at home grandmother and step-mother. She and the friend that I was chatting with are the same age. I love it when that happens because I know that Big Ernie is watching out for me.

So far so good with the tick bite. No fever or joint pain other than the usual arthritic variety. When I start howling at the moon , ya'll remind me about it. That's a critical piece of info for a doc to have in hand when making a diagnosis. Serves me right for being stupid enough to crawl around in weeds taking pictures of wrecked trucks. What was I thinking??

It's too hot even for Gigi's pool and that makes me ill because I sure do love to float around out there. Maybe by my birthday it will be cool enough for a dip.


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