Friday, July 23, 2010

ladies night

Back in the day we used to all pile up into the kudzu on Thursday afternoon and give those guys a thrill. That custom went by the wayside when Redneck Friend got an out of town job and Yaya got a "promotion" at work. Besides.....we were tired of the same old faces telling the same old stories over dominoes and beer. Mostly it was an excuse to hook up and receive our Avon orders while blowing off some steam about life and love and the price of beans. We should probably start that tradition back up considering what I did yesterday. On the way home from Gigi's great juicefest of '10 and a few beers at her pool, I noticed a couple of guys sitting in the shade next the big pond up by the highway. Not an unusual sight.....most days there are folks out there fishing or visiting or just plain killing time. The trusty old Camry pulled smooth up next to the metal building there and parked. Mind you, I have a slight buzz so Big Ernie is really REALLY looking out for me. I wandered over in a wet bathing suit and t-shirt and snagged a beer from one of the guys. Had to ask for a chair, if you know what I mean.

We chatted about this and that....exchanged aliases and such. Since the camera is always in my purse and I never miss a photo op, I took the opportunity to explore the interior of the former home of the Detail Doctor. I'm not sure who's occupying it now because they seemed to be fibbing about their names. Anywho. I gave the one who's always there a cig in exchange for the beer and was on my way home to Pecan Lane. Slept like a baby ya'll, for twelve hours.

I don't often ask for prayer, but right now would be a really good time. BG's daddy is in the hospital and not doing real well. She's trying to process that along with my parents and their situation. It's not easy for any of us. Please remember us when you shout out.


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