Wednesday, July 14, 2010

specimen requirements

As fate would have it, my heroes co-workers made some mistakes and now everybody is in an uproar about how the sawmill will continue to operate without them because we all know that there are no mistakes allowed in delivering healthcare to us here in the great US of A. It is a right that we work and pay health insurance premiums out the butt for. That would be fodder for greedy malpractice attorneys, and Lord knows we don't need that kind of trash up in here. It's what is wrong with our country today. Corey B. Trotz and Morgan Law, my ass. Johnny Cochran too.

Over the years at the sawmill, I have noticed that most people don't expect to die in the hands of folks that they don't know and trust, yet that's the way it goes day after day. A patient without an advocate is lost as a goose in our system of feeders and referrals. That scenario is definitely not why I got into the field, and probably explains why I'm not particularly fond of "futile care" to save a lost cause because insurance will pay if you upcode. There is a kinder and gentler side to that coin which seldom gets noticed when money isn't involved.

Against all odds, I ventured up to Gigi's pool this afternoon for a cool dip with Conner and his clan who are STILL celebrating his 7th birthday. There was a domino game in progress on the table poolside, Bagina kicking Blanca's ass because that's what she does with the game. Playing with the big boys does eventually pay off, especially when you know the rules.

Over and out hippies. Poops is headed to the shower and bedtime with the dawgs. Keep the faith Fast Eddie.....this too shall pass ^j^

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