Wednesday, July 28, 2010

it has a name

Ya'll ALL know what a procrastinating bitch I can be, so it's not a big surprise when I say that I've got bags and BOXES of stories that I've written over the years about whatever was on my mind at the moment. My budget doesn't allow the luxury of going on a mountain retreat where I throw open the windows and create like a wildwoman. It has come to me one story at a time, just like the newspaper guy said to me that it would so many years ago. He was a faith columnist for the big city newspaper and spoke my language...okay, I was a groupie. At least I was going to church, teaching Sunday school when my own daughter refused to go because they were all such disrespectful hellions. Um hmm.....slow learner, I am.

I am looking forward to being holed up for the winter when it's really cold and outside when it's not. This heat is ridiculous...I mean, gah. If Al can put a name on it can't he FIX it???? No..wait. That's the consumers who will have to do that. One step and one day at a time. I am now the proud owner of three huge garbage cans to recycle with which saves me tons of trips to haul it off. What can burn, burns in the driveway. Cans go to buy one twelve pack, and the rest goes to an anonymous location. I figure that during the cozy days inside with my dogs snuggling up, I'll be able to focus on putting some order into the chaos that is my "someday" book that got formally named at the pool yesterday.

And look for spring.


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