Sunday, July 25, 2010

asian love

Evidently someone is intent upon teaching me how to read Chinese because all those comments at my book place are in foreign little characters that I don't understand. At this point, I could care less because I'm tired and trusting Big Ernie to get me to where I/we need to be tomorrow. It's nothing that a benadryl and some new tennis shoes won't help. I've taken to walking barefoot in the mud that results from awide open stream of water dollar store hosepipe. Feels good to squish around in it without worrying about Mr. Snake biting my smart ass.

As I suspected, the guys at the end of the road lied about their names. I was born at night, but not last night. There is this totally naive side of me that continues to believe that people are really good in the heart and do the best that they can from whence they came. I reckon they figured I'd google it and solve the whole big mystery. It's funny, remembering back to the day of the flood. It came up so quickly and I didn't get the warning until about 10am from Bubba. Looking at the precipitation maps "in retrospect", I totally understand. That's a heckuva lot of water to have end up in a very poorly dammed river system right smack in the middle of the country. I read in the big city online edition today that there is increased interest in preserving the Chickasaw bluffs on the Mississippi between Ft. Pillow and Memphis. One of my favorite guys in the whole wide world took me on a curvey ride from 51 south to Big Muddy proper and even helped me up the sandy hill to where the good view is. Yes...there were tugs in the distance and seriously tall dropoffs. Thankfully, he caught me before I fell.

I remember, quite vividly, when the only way to cross that river into Missouri was by ferry from Heloise. Now there's a huge bridge that allows for easy crossing from one state to another. Kind of like Lewis and Clark did it. Nobody on this farm has ever seen the magnitude of flooding that we experienced in May of this year. It's odd now, looking at the places where the water stood just a few months ago. Now there are big fields of corn and soybeans and cotton standing tall and proud.

As for me? I'm just tired of sweating and glad to be in a cool house.


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