Sunday, July 11, 2010

little moments

Gigi knows that I'm not one of those lay around and soak up rays kinda girl when it's July in West TN. We've worked our way from late April 'til now with she and her pool friends helping every day that they show up to experience the feeling of floating in cool water. Her man has this grandchild, who shall remain nameless, that taught herself to swim today in that pool today. She's a survivor, no doubt. Calls me grandma for some odd reason. NatBug started that one....I guess I looked like one to her, ya know?

Homeland security issues are heavy on my mind today. My parents are both elderly with multiple disease states wearing on their earthly bodies and that sucks without someone in-house to monitor assist with their ADLs. They seem afraid to pay for that lest they need some longterm care in the future. If it were me, I'd say to hell with it and stay at home, no matter what the cost. But then what do I know. I'm just an overaged hippie who believes that access to not-for-profit healthcare could be a reality if enough people pitched in. Sort of like the Canadian model where money won't buy you the latest technology like fancy radiology shots and non-emergent invasive procedures. If there is anyone to blame for the failure of healthcare in the US, it is lawyers who make a good living off of suing healthcare providers. Shit happens and people die. Most of them need an advocate of some sort to guide them through the maze that is our system of delivery. There's not much compassion involved when it's about the buck.

Left my camera at home today, intent on enjoying the babies at the pool with their respective lifeguards on hand. Two Scoops learned the hard way to jump OUT from the board rather than to the side where the other kids are. Once he tried it, he did a hundred times and busted his belly with every single jump. That, my friends, is a real leap of faith.

Gotta go cut the grass mow the yard while I've got a John Deer rider parked in the yard. Every two weeks has been sufficient this summer and I like that. Nothing a smartassed country girl can't handle with a pusher and weed whacker at her disposal during a drought.


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