Wednesday, July 7, 2010

dog days

They are officially here on Pecan Lane. My babies won't even go out until after six, and then only to potty. The heat kicks their butts, just like it does mine. I "saw fall" yesterday in spite of the ninety plus temps in the form of a change in shadows due to the longest day being over. I inherited the gift from mama, one that has kept me sane through many a hot'n'humid summer in the south. First sighting is almost always the week of the 4th or soon after, accompanied by the song of katydids.

Thanks to my friend Idgie at The Dew, I know that kudzu does indeed bloom and I have seen it. It's about that time again so I'll be scanning the underside of that big hanging blob of it by the dairy barn for purple flowers. I spent yesterday afternoon floating in the cool water at Gigi's pool. That fountain thingy really works! Today it's laundry time here at Casa Poops. Maybe a little watering if it doesn't rain. Other than that? Life as usual.


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