Friday, July 9, 2010

another million dollar rain

Evidently Big Ernie feels kinda sorry for us here on the farm because of that big bad flood episode and he has chosen to bless us with nice steady rains at the most opportune moments to revive thirsty crops and put some sort of promise toward this year's harvest. We had one two weeks ago and we are currently watching the second one of this day play out. Lily is perched on my desk, peering out into the drips, hoping to catch a glimpse of her nemesis "that bird. " I have this seriously cute chair next to the desk and usually she curls up there against the pillows and keeps me company. When she's not out prowling, that is.

The sawmill has been busy as a one-armed paper hanger this week. It happens every time after a holiday weekend!! I'm being very responsible *ahem* by actually paying bills when I get paid, as far as the money goes which ain't far when the electric bill is over three hundred. Today's nice person was the lady at the office who let me split it in half and pay the rest NEXT time I get paid. The dentist and hand surgeon are wanting their piece of me even though both of them, whom I used to call friends, live a much more lavish lifestyle and could extend professional courtesy to the point of taking assignment. To be fair, they probably don't know I'm in a "situation" due to BG's recent lapse in employment. Hey....she was paying half the rent and that hurt! Things are back to somewhat normal now, for us, which is robbing Peter to pay Paul but somehow finding the money to do it. Many people have it much much worse, but it is disappointing to say the least that we both earned bachelor's degrees and still have to struggle to make ends meet. That is the NEW face of America, I believe. Either you are living in poverty with government assistance or so rich it doesn't matter....and the rest of us foot all the bills. Enough said.

I'm watching as Ron Paul sneaks his way into the next presidential race, a bit quicker and more determined that he was last time around. Time will tell. Unless Obama pulls a big fat rabbit out of his hat, his days are already numbered. Sure, the oil spill wasn't his fault. But the federal response to this disaster, particularly in terms of unbiased media coverage, has been a travesty. I heard one coastal Louisiana fisherman lament that the bayou where he used to fish is eerily quiet now due to the loss of wildlife. The dead zone, so to speak. You'd think they would have learned something about public opinion from Katrina.

There are so many things going wrong that it is sometimes really really difficult to see the silver lining if one doesn't stretch the envelope and reach for faith. But I refuse to turn into one of those old curmudgeonly types who gripes about how the world's going to hell in a handbasket. There are too many little moments that make it all worthwhile. On the entertainment center behind me, as I type, there is a picture of my then three month old nephew meeting his grandaddy for the first time, his own father's arms encircling him. In this particular shot, he's a dead ringer for me when I was that age. The caption on the bottom of the frame says it all:

"Faith makes things possible, not easy."

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