Sunday, July 18, 2010


I suppose that I owe him a favor, the one that sent me packing to therapy all those years ago. Fortunately I ended up right with whom I needed to be at that point in time...which was Beverly. She challenged me to stop adoring and trying to fix people and to search inside of myself for things that bring me joy as an individual. Like flowers. And music. And photography.

I drove through the 'burg several times today and couldn't help but notice that things look really tired up in the outer parts. Court Square proper is torn all to hell in the midst of some new project. Last time I looked, Nathan Bedford Forrest was still standing proud and tall. Early voting has started and my mom and daddy want to go vote so we're gonna do that one day this week. I sort of like the idea of exercising a true American freedom with the ones who raised me to believe in that sort of thing. You know. Back in the day.


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