Tuesday, July 13, 2010

just another day in paradise

Since it's so freakin' hot and humid outside I've been entertaining myself by putting names on a list of people who might be willing to volunteer be paid minimum wage for their hours at a rural health clinic. Overtime costs big bucks so we would need some dependable souls to carry the torch. Of course we might also accept donations from the various apportionments of all those congregations who tend to favor local missionary work. There is plenty enough to keep us busy at home without going out to meddle in someone else's business and all their jihad ways. Stock up on viennies because the end is surely near! Don't forget the bottled water either.

Still packing and consolidating here on the lane. BG is back at the hotel with her perky voice booking baseball tournaments all the while saving the world, one life at a time. One of my most vivid memories of picking her up after work was when she was at the middle school up on College Hill. Traffic would be backed up to the Methodist Church with busy parents picking up their kids. This one particular afternoon I was stalled down at the bottom by what the used to be the wading pool, when I noticed some very mean children kicking at a drunk guy as he staggered up the sidewalk toward their school. They all snickered and had a good laugh at how they were so much cooler than him. His cold body was found in an abandoned building that used to be something big and important. Greenberg's maybe?

I think the cool(er) spell is over and I seriously hate that. Nothing makes my heart sing like walking the yard without breaking a sweat. Smears my makeup and all that, ya know? The field corn is way past picking so there you go....just another day in paradise. I do have leftovers from last night so I surely won't starve. I did my recycle duty and delivered four bags of cans to the place by the pond and got ten bucks and some change for my next purchase. Nobody can say that old Poops doesn't do her part to save Mother Earth.

I'm just saying ^j^

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  1. We each walk paths no one else can even see.. thank you for sharing bits and pieces of your journey with us Janie.