Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the cowboy and the biker

I first began blogging after my sister-in-law showed me how to do the whole thing. She's a computer wiz to be reckoned with. I guess that's why she and my brother get along so well....they're both wired that way. Like many immature bloggers, I spent hours and days ranting and whining about this or that. It was a way to vent without getting in trouble as long as you don't use real names, ya know? That's why I created the names that have become familiar to the people who read and know where I've been with my life over the past seven years. The very first blog friend that I made turned into a fairy blogmother of sorts, who mentored me to get the crap out so that I could begin to create something different for myself. During that time I met many many people online who had interesting lives and lots of wise things to say. There are three men who have stuck with me the entire time, and one of them is a dung beetle somewhere. The other two are alive and kicking and they know who they are.

There was this real nature type guy in PA who got hit by a freakin' CAR riding his bicycle and had a very long recovery. We've lost touch, and I'm sad to say that it's happened with many others. The mostly risible girl and her sis have been there all of those years. Precious girls, I'm just telling ya'll :) Some of us went through the death of some very dear parents with the bird lover from Michigan and marveled at Kenju's wedding creations. There was one very snotty smartass photographer who moved to the beach and became a recluse. I could go on and on....

Ya'll remember who you are ^j^


  1. YOU, dear lady, are an inspiration. I will ALWAYS remember a small angel figurine that showed up on my doorstep when Cheri and I got hitched. You have no idea what that meant then, and what it means NOW.
    Bless you Poopster. Not all angels got wings.

  2. I loves ya too, J. Big hugs and prayers