Wednesday, June 13, 2018


I don't know if it's the heat or what but my stamina is not worth a dime today.  I woke up kind of dizzy headed so I decided to pass on going to Jackson.  While I was running errands I almost fell out talking to Bubba on the parking lot at Kroger.  He said I was literally shaking!  I've noticed a problem with my balance before, and usually the dizzy spells are preceded by bright flashy lights kind of like an aura.  Maybe I'm catching migraines in my old age.  

We got a heckuva rain yesterday and the most severe part of the storm system went north through Lake county.  I just turned off the air, opened the doors and listened to the thunder.  The wheat cutting is on hold until it dries out.  The corn children are now adults and closing in.  

One of my errands was an oil change and I went to a different place this time that I highly recommend.  Burks Auto Lube is the bomb.  Quick, thorough and sweet as pie.  It already runs better.

I'm hunkering down for the day so as not to overheat and fall face first in the yard.  The garden got enough rain that it'll be fine without water today.  Who the heck knows.  That monster of a storm  yesterday came out of nowhere with a 40% chance.  Heat and humidity.  Ack.  

Carry on young people ~ Frances Yarbro

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