Thursday, July 13, 2017

in a nutshell

It was a long day kids and they're beginning to run together which is never good for clear thinking.  I'm beginning to see why the deer came to see me recently.  Full moon notwithstanding there's been  a lot of drama lately.  I am too old and tired for that plus it's hot as hades out there.  I don't even care if the garden makes it at this point.  Lerd, I hate to sweat.  

On today's alternate work assignment I was blessed with none other than Pat and Tony, old friends from way back.  A Porsche driving drug rep brought lunch for the staff all the way from Memphis.  The volunteers showed up with cookies and doughnuts.  It's a part of my work history that has brought many more blessings than I could ever imagine possible including Diane Guthrie Roberts.  Of course we worked together back in the day at Parkview  

I got an invitation for a very special baby shower honoring my daughter and grandgirl to be.  We talked this morning while I was at work about life in general and today's drama in particular.  The short story is it ain't pretty.  Let us pray for the next right thing and manifest peace.

Marla cut my hair and it's cute if I say so myself. It had gotten wayyyy too long and was in a cli 24/7.  Then I went for APN orthopedic visit only to reschedule because you have to have an xray first.  Alrighty then.  Monday it is.  

As Ms. Frances Yarbro would say " carry on young people "

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