Saturday, July 15, 2017

post visitation

I picked up some chicken this morning while out making the rounds and went by to see Mozella's peeps Helen and Yvonne.  They shared funeral details with me and gave me some copies of the program as we talked about our shared history here on the farm.  Yvonne's little dog Smoochie didn't like me being there but she got over it pretty quick.  They are exhausted from days on end of family and loss.  I know the feeling.

We had a random monsoon yesterday which soaked my little straw bale plot pretty good.  There won't be any more for awhile according to Weather Underground.  Of course yesterday's was only a 20% chance so you just never know.  I have baby green tomatos and tons of squash blossoms.  Oh, and cucumbers and basil and rosemary.  

Oscar is a little barky terrier that we rescued from the crazy ex-neighbors who had been abusing him.  He's pretty easy going unless you bump him when he's asleep and then he tends to go nuts.  He and Sam both sleep with me and usually to my back.  Somehow Oscar ended up in my face and when I moved the other night he went into PTSD mode and hit my eyelid with a tooth.  I look like somebody punched me in the eye!  This too shall pass.  

Baby Reaves is still perking along and getting lots of cooked sushi.  Next ultrasound is on a day off for me so hopefully I'll be there to see her live and on screen.  There's a shower coming up at Nanny's house and that should be lots of fun.  Heather the creative has planned a headband making station so that Reaves will have hand made gifts.  

I have no clean towels so it's laundry time.  Y'all enjoy your weekend and keep the faith ^j^

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