Saturday, July 8, 2017

living dangerously

My cousin Debbie always accused me of not being able to do something spontaneous, meaning drive to KY to see her.  Lauren and I went a couple of times and there was a hot tub and a lecture plus giant schnauzer puppies in a box in the den.  

I worked today and got an extreme emergency call from BG and Reaves saying they needed some time at home.  My co-workers were pretty gracious about letting me go pick them up.  We were visited by my very first lab boss, Sammy.  I think he wanted to know what's up with us because we no longer have work to keep us together.  In spite of my best efforts at lining up appointments on precision for my one day off, I'm here at the house with my girls and dinner in the oven.  They're watching Fred and I'm blogging.  It's what we do.  

I love my job.  I was called to be a professional for consumers in the healthcare system where it's mighty hard to know what's going on in this day and time of sketchy stuff.  If you don't have an advocate of some kind, you're screwed.  Sometimes it's depressing to think about the whole deal but then I always remember that do no harm thing.  It keeps me going.

Sup in Germany?

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